How to Add an Event


Please note that we recommend setting up a Google Calendar and adding your events as our calendar function can automatically sync with your Google Calendar.

Step One

In order to add a new event you need to go to your Admin Menu and click on ‘Events’ and click ‘Add New’.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 22.59.39

Step Two

Once you have clicked ‘Add New’, the Add New Event page should appear. First, you will need to add a post title. To do this click the top input box of the page and type in the title of the event.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 23.01.22

Step Three

Once you have added a title, you can now select the dates that this event is occurring. You can do this by clicking on the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time. You can also select a time if you wish, however it is not essential.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 23.02.00

Screenshot 2015-10-18 23.02.31

Step Four

You can also select All Day if it is a long event, for example a school holiday and there are no start/end times.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 23.03.24

Step Five

Once you are happy with your post, you can click on the blue ‘Publish’ button.

You can also click on the Save Draft button to save for a later date.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 23.03.53

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