Step One

To start adding a custom link to your page, navigate to the page you want to edit in the admin area. Then click on the blue ‘Frontend Editor’ button. This will bring you up to the Frontend Editor page, where you can see a live update of website changes that you make on the page.

Step Two

Hover over the edit button. of a current text box, that you wish to add the custom link to.

Step Three

Once the Text Block Settings box has opened, move your cursor or press enter on your keyboard, where you would like to add the custom link. You can then type the text that you would like to display on your webpage (e.g. “Google”)

Step Four


Highlight the text and then find and click on the ‘Insert/Edit Link’ button, like shown on the screenshot below.

Step Five


The Insert/edit link box will appear where you need to enter the URL of the link. You can also select whether you want the link to open in a new window or tab by clicking the settings cog next to the blue apply arrow. Here you can click the ‘Open link in a new tab’ option. You also have the option to enter your url and the link text here, that you wish to appear on the website. When happy, click on the purple ‘Add Link” button.

Step Six

Press the blue ‘Apply’ button when you’re happy.

Step Seven

You can now see that the link has been added into your Text Block.

Click Save Changes and then click the exit ‘x’ button on the Text Block Settings window.

Step Eight

You can now see the link you’ve added in live view.

Step Nine

Remember to press the light blue ‘Update’ button in the top right hand corner of the Frontend Editor.