Step One

In order to add a new page you need to go to your Admin Menu and hover over ‘Pages’ and click ‘Add New Page’.

Step Two

This will bring up a Add New Page screen. First, you will need to add a page title in the ‘Add Title’ input box.

Step Three

Once you’ve added your title, you can add your websites content. To do this view the documentation on ‘Adding Content’, then come back to the next stages.

Step Four

It’s great to keep your page structure organised, and attribute your page to a parent header. You can do this by clicking the ‘No Parent’ dropdown list to select a published page for your new page to go under.

Step Five

Once you’ve added your content, you can now publish your page by clicking on the purple ‘Publish’ button in the right sidebar. You also have the option to ‘Save Draft’ and to ‘Preview’.