Step One

To start adding empty space, navigate to the page you want to edit in the admin area.

Step Two

Click the blue ‘Frontend Editor’ button. This will bring you up to the Frontend Editor page, where you can see a live update of website changes that you make on the page.

Step Three

To add a empty space, hover and click on the ‘+’ box where you want to add the empty space to.

Step Four

Next, click on the ‘Empty Space’ option.

Step Five

An Empty Space Settings box will appear along with options to format your space. You can set the Height of the empty space that you wish to add. Then select save changes.

Step Six

The empty space will then be displayed as blank space. It can be seen here between a text box and a media grid. You can edit this empty space by hovering over the green “Empty Space” setting box. By clicking the “x” you can delete the space, the “pencil” enables you to edit the quantity of empty space, and in between there is the option to clone or duplicate this box of empty space.


Step Seven

Remember to press the light blue ‘Update’ button in the top right hand corner of the Frontend Editor.