Step One

To start adding rows or columns, navigate to the page you want to edit in the admin area.

Step Two

Click the blue ‘Frontend Editor’ button. This will bring you up to the Frontend Editor page, where you can see a live update of website changes that you make on the page.

Step Three

Click the blue ‘Add Element’ button

Step Four

Next, click on the ‘Row’ option, this will add a row onto the page where you can then select an element to add to the page. If you wish to add Columns, please see the below steps.

Step Five

If you wish to split the row into columns click on the small triangular arrow to expand the options.

Step Five

Now click on the 3 horizontal lines to change the row layout.

Step Six

Next you have the option to select a predefined row layout, or alternatively below there is an option to customise your layout.

Step Seven

Once you have selected your layout click ‘Update’

Step Eight

Once you’ve updated your changes you can click the ‘x’ button on the Row Layout box to return to the live view.

Step Nine

You should now see your layout field that you’ve selected. The columns will be indicated as dotted lines. You can now add content into each column using the ‘+’ which will allow you add add an element into each column (Text, Images, Video etc).

Step Ten

Remember to press the light blue ‘Update’ button in the top right hand corner of the Frontend Editor once content has been added.