Step One

To change the website footer contact details, the social media information, quicklinks and header images, select “theme settings”

Step Two

This will bring up the theme settings. At the top of the page you can change the header images. Click on the Navigation Label that you wish to change the header image for and select “add image”. By changing the image for this label, it will subesquently change all the other header images for the pages that sit under that label.

Step Three

Next, navigate to the “Header Image” area, you can then select “Add Image”

Step Four

This opens up the media library area. You can then navigate to find your image (if it is already stored in the media library), or add a new one.


Step Five

Once you have located or selected your image you wish to use click “Select”.


Step Six

You will then need to crop the photo. When you are happy with your selection click “Crop”

Step Seven

You will then see a small preview of the image selected on your page. You can then click “update”, or continue to change more header images, and then click update.

Step Eight

If you scroll further down in “Theme Settings”, there is the option to change the “Default Page Background Image”.  Hover over the image and then click the ‘pencil icon’ to edit the photo.

Step Nine

This brings up the following screen. Click on “update image” if you wish to edit the default page background image. Alternatively you are also given the option to delete the image. We recommend you select an alternative image if you choose this option. You can select a new image by following steps 4-7.

Step Ten

Then please click the update button to ensure your changes are saved.

Step Eleven

To change Social Media Settings, scroll further down the “Theme Setting” page. You can then add, or change the social media links – including facebook, instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

Step Twelve

To save the changes please click on the purple “Update” button.

Step Thirteen

To add quicklinks, scroll further down the “Theme Settings”,

Here you can add quicklinks to the Homepage of the website. This maybe payment options, or links to other sites that parents and visitors will frequent regularly.

Simply add the title you wish to be displayed and the accompanying link. If you wish to add additional quicklinks, please click on the “Add Quicklink” button for another row to appear.

Step Fourteen

To save the changes please click on the purple “Update” button.

Step Fifteen

To change the school footer contact details that appear on each page of the website, scroll down on the “Theme Setting” page.

You will see “Footer” near the bottom. The school name, address, email and contact number can be changed here.

Step Sixteen

To save the changes please click on the purple “Update” button.