January is a good milestone to review some key data on your website. Obviously, you’ll be reviewing and checking that you have your statutory content up to date and easily locatable for web visitors.

Here are the areas you should revisit:

Key Areas to Review:

Pupil premium

You should now know the value of your pupil premium by January, so ensure this is included. Has the evidence from the previous academic year been provided and is it being published to evidence the impact of your pupil premium funding?

Performance data

This is updated by the DFE in December, therefore it’s worth checking that the results you publish on the website are in line with the published results on the DFE performance measures website.

Financial data

It could be a good time to check and confirm that the data around staff being paid £100,000 or more pa is up to date and clearly published.

Admissions information

There’s a whole host of admissions requirements that form part of the statutory information you must publish. Admissions information is usually published in November, so this should be clearly accessible via your website by now. Make sure that all of the external web links to local authority regulations and processes are clearly linked to the precise information and page on the local authorities website.


You can ask CODA Education for a comprehensive website review at any time! It can be reassuring to know that your website has been professionally reviewed against the checklist of statutory information.